Responsibilities and
pro bono.

It is my responsibility to aid you to the best of my ability, taking into account all the elements of your specific situation.

Your right to defence and legal assistance are ground rights, also applying when you are having financial difficulties. It is possible that you will fall under the conditions of pro bono work. In that case, I can also take your case and the state will bear the costs.

Every jurisdiction has its own pro bono office. For example, you can find the pro bono office of Brussels and some explanations on the following websites:

NL: via deze link

FR: via ce lien


Only the necessary information will be added to your file.

You can always ask to modify or delete your information.

Your file is also always protected by the duty of professional confidentiality.

Tarrifs and costs

During our first contact, we will discuss and agree upon my tariffs and costs, taking into account your specific case.